What I’m Up To Right Now

Writer and mystic, happiness coach and open-hearted social activist. I wrote this for my new page at The Wellness Universe to introduce myself – thought it might interest someone.  Yes, i will have my own page PLUS an author page! Grateful.

Something Beautiful Wants to express through YOU.  You and I and everyone else DESERVE to live, are born to live, happy and fulfilling lives – and the Universe will always support us in that. To fully experience the life we are meant for, I believe we must each reach deep within ourselves to find our core identity and  reach beyond ourselves to make a difference on this planet, in any order or simultaneously.

We each have a unique and beautiful purpose here and it’s our job to continue to ask what that is until we find an answer that deeply resonates with our soul. Your challenges and obstacles are your teachers and your unrelenting quest to know the truth of your being will guide you to your own unique true path. Your gifts and talents help you to express all that beauty you discover there inside to benefit the world.   No one else can do this for you, although it helps a LOT to have companions on the path, such as my friends at The Wellness Universe.

Open Hearted Musings started as a private Facebook page for myself only. I was collecting wisdom from other people and commenting/taking notes for my own benefit as I was moving towards understanding what my message really is in preparation for writing a book.  It also became the name of my blog and my web page, and though the book is not ready, this work has brought me to a deeper understanding that in turn informs my work – and eventually you will have a better book.

Imagine Yourself Happy™ is a Facebook community page and an upcoming book.  I deeply want to share what I have learned in transforming my life from one of suicidal depression to one of freedom and joy.  I am also working on a Happiness Toolbox that I’m sending out through my bi-monthly FREE Open Hearted Musings newsletters. (click to join)

Depression is a deadly disease...you can not only lose your life to self harm, but it will also steal your life and affect everyone close to you while you are still breathing.  It will destroy relationships with those you love, destroy your career, and suck up any joy you have in life, leaving you wanting only to end the pain – as everyone who loves you stands helplessly by. It is no respecter of social status, income, ethnicity, religion, occupation or fame.

My work at Imagine Yourself Happy is ME actively working every day on my (now 20 year) recovery from long-term, debilitating, suicidal depression and hoping to bring some Light to others like myself. I write/post things that have meaning to ME and things from other wonderful healers that help to lift me up or help me to deal with life’s challenges, hoping each post will have meaning for you too or just even get you through a tough day.

Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence Tucson  (SNV) is a FB page for a ministry I became involved with in 1998 through the Association for Global New Thought. (New Thought – think Law of Attraction). It is very close to my heart and has taken up a lot of my time and thought the past 20 years.I had just been ordained as a metaphysical minister four years prior and due my many years as a community peace activist something in me knew that the spiritual path was not just about healing yourself or getting what you want for yourself (remember this was early in my recovery from depression and I urgently wanted to heal myself), but that the same truths that worked to heal individual body/mind/soul would work to transform planetary consciousness and heal planetary issues.  Many others were making the same shift and thus “Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence” was birthed as an inspirational, educational, media and grassroots action campaign to teach peace principles at the community level and facilitate people working locally to promote individual, family, school, community and world peace and well-being.

We celebrate 4 seasons, and I focus on those on my FB page.

  • Nonviolence (Dec. 30-April 4th)
  • The Earth (April-June)
  • Humane Service  (July-September)
  • Intercultural and Interfaith Understanding (October-December)

If you are inspired to start a group in your home community I will be delighted to show you how. There are plenty of tools online.  My own SNV ministry is now totally online.


Thanks for visiting.and...What say you?

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