Join In Solidarity: The International Day Of Peace is September 21st!


Peace MATTERS!  Every child has a right to grow up in a safe and peaceful place so he or she can realize their potential, fall in love, create their own family and so on.  The trauma of war is shattering kids’ lives and psyches in far too many places.  

Note: Edited copy originally posted at, my self-hosted blog. Eventually I will move much of what is here, there.

I have worked for peace my whole life after playing in bomb-holes and bunkers as a child in Holland after WWII.  Sometimes I look around at the searing flames of conflict and greed and hatred blazing around the world and I get discouraged, thinking that only you and I and a few of our friends are actually holding the vision for world peace.  We are SO WRONG!  Millions, probably billions of people around the world pray for peace every single day!

This weekend you and I can join in solidarity with people across the globe to tell the world that “peace matters and everyone has a right to peace.”

This post is intended to help you broadcast information about this awesome weekend to your friends and contacts around the world, so they too may participate in the festivities – or register their own – there’s still time!!.  I have also included information about how YOU can participate – as an individual, a family, a workplace, school or community to help build a Global Culture of Peace.

Events around the world you can participate in

Some cities all around the globe are having concerts, some have marches and Peace Walks, some have meditations and prayer services, some cities have multiple events. Since YOU are from so many countries, I hope YOU will spread the word. And, since the 21st falls on a Monday, this entire upcoming weekend is filled with events, worldwide.

Click on the World Peace graphic below to find an event near you or create one on the huge map.arrow_publicdomainfilesWDoP_blog


It will take you to the website of the International Day of Peace.

Just looking at the map makes me want to sing and dance in solidarity!!  It’s interesting even just to click other cities to see what they are doing.

 How can you participate if your city doesn’t have an event or you can’t attend?  

Join millions of people around the world as they participate in activities, events, concerts, and festivals to celebrate the International Day of Peace.  The events are fun and stimulating and it’s always a treat to celebrate with others with shared intention, so knowing someone somewhere in some time zone is observing the Day of Peace at the same time you are, you can plan your own observance for you and your family, school, etc..any time.

Here are some EASY ideas to spread the idea that Peace Matters to you.

  • Join people across the world in a Minute of Silence, Moment of Peace at noon in every time zone.candle-waves of energy_PB
  • Help make #PeaceDay Trend on Twitter on Monday, September 21 by tweeting, posting and sharing your thoughts, pictures and message of peace throughout the day. with the hashtag #PeaceDay and asking everyone you know to RT you.
  • Share a selfie on social media using the #PeaceDay hashtag with the downloadable signs. Get your friends and family members involved too! IHaveARightToPeace.pdf  WeAllHaveARightToPeace.pdf
  • Share the free 2 day PeacecCast on Social media.

Or, simply spread your Peace across the ethers – Light a candle. Go within to your peaceful, open heart . Breathe softly until you feel your heart expand. Each time you inhale, smile gently.  Each time you exhale, send the love and peace in your heart to everyone around the world who needs it at that instant. When you are complete, send that love to YOURSELF.  You didn’t judge others, don’t judge yourself.

Here’s what my sweetie and I do each year if we don’t have an event.  It does take time, but we like to focus our energy toward specific countries. (We do keep a map handy).

Darwin and I have images printed out and laminated of the flags of all the countries of the world.  After we quiet and open our hearts, we take turns holding each flag in our hands and together say, “May Peace Be in..(name of country)” and then “May Peace Prevail everywhere on earth.”   There are a LOT more countries than you think and it will take a while.  Good to have some nice peaceful music on. You could use this list with pictures from all the countries instead .
Peace matters to me!  My purpose here today was to encourage you to spread the word about the International day of Peace and to suggest to you and everyone you know some simple ways to participate and take a stand for PEACE.

So, let’s not be pebbles in a little pond.  Let’s not play SMALL here.Sun_earth+wiki

This weekend, let’s have this entire world vibrate with an irresistible, peaceful Love-Light

Namaste, Gerry

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