October 2 is UN International Nonviolence Day And Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday

gold-313346_640.SNV_EQUALITYI am passionate about reducing the suffering in this world, maybe because my own pain was so deep for so long.

Ever since my late teens I have been a peace activist (I am now in my 70’s), and recently with the celebration World Peace Day on September 21st, and Global Citizens Day and the visit of the Pope last week – and now International Day of Nonviolence coming up, the proliferation of messages of peace is where my mind and energy has been. I am so grateful that so many everywhere are finally taking up the cause of peace once again…it’s time for the pendulum to swing back.  There is much too much hate being spread in the world.

I created this poster, which is featured today at The Wellness Universe Facebook page, as part of their celebration. It addresses the issue of one person or group seeing themselves as inherently superior to another, and thus entitled to  dominance.  Without support for the idea of dominance, there would be no justification for wars. I am honored my poster was one of the ones chosen and also that they will feature a blog post I wrote on October 2nd, the actual  International Nonviolence Day.

My work recently has been focused on Peace and Nonviolence on FB but also on rejuvenating my blog at “Imagine Yourself Happy” here and and its FB page.  I am thrilled that the FB page now has almost 1500 followers…because it means more people are focused on tools for happiness and perhaps more people are helped, directly or indirectly, and that people are reading the blog. People have been generous in guest blogging as well, or letting me re-blog their work, like today’s story by a courageous woman who has overcome a childhood of sexual and physical abuse and family-run sexual trafficking.

I am thrilled and grateful to be joined in all this work by my brothers and sisters at The Wellness Universe, where this week we celebrate International Nonviolence day with 20 beautiful posters on the theme of nonviolence.  

I  can’t begin to describe how much it means to me that my new online family and my other new friends are intent on spreading peace, happiness  and wellness across the world by all loving means available.<3 ❤ ❤

Thanks for visiting.and...What say you?

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