Global Oneness Day October 24, 2015

9060-colorful-autumn-leaves-on-trees-pv_freestockphotos.biz_SIICToday is Global Oneness Day.

Today we remind ourselves and each other that we are not as different as we sometimes think, and at the same time we honor and appreciate the unique way we each show up and express in the world. We may have different takes on religion, different customs, different skin colors, different languages, but we are ONE human family and we are all “leaves” from the same tree. We are waves of the same ocean. We are rays of the same sunshine, glowing from the same Source.

Does the rose compete with the baby-breath in the bouquet you receive? No, each compliments the other and the bouquet would be less beautiful without either one. There will always be people – and foods – and customs – even religions – that we appreciate  more than others.  But what makes this life so wonderful is the rich diversity of choice we all have, is the beautiful garden that we all are, together.  You wouldn’t want a garden full of only one flower, would you?  Of course not.  BORING! As you walk around your neighborhood and visit other places, you see that everyone’s garden is different. Hallelujah!!!  flower-power-Wallpaper_911643_640_SIIC

I have fallen in love with making beautiful quote posters for my Facebook pages. (below) They are each as different as my mood, like the two here on the right of the page.  HEY not only are we different from each other, we are even different from ourselves at different times in our lives.


We are all Sourced from the same Cosmic Love – Intelligence, each with unique (different) gifts and talents the world is longing for.  There is no competition since we each are unique – just as each leaf, each beautiful flower, is unique.  No competition. When we SEE and honor the beauty and talents in each other, it makes us happy. What makes us all unhappy is trying to be someone else. What we fight about is  trying to make someone else be more like us.

So,, as you go through your day today, take a little time to appreciate, to really SEE each person you encounter. take time to wonder at and honor the uniqueness in each one you meet.  You will have a wondrous day, I promise, and the world will also be better for it..

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