Two Rumi Gems To Lift The Spirits

I love Rumi, don’t you?  So Simple.  Such powerful  use of metaphor.

It’s no secret that a large part of my work has to do with helping depressed people regain their Zest for life…as I did after SO MANY years of deep depression.  En route to a happier life, I learned that in large part, happiness comes from disciplining the mind.  This is true in part (large generalization here) because the depressed brain lies to us, tells us everything is hopeless, that there are no options because we we are fatally flawed.  It also steals our energy – and we have to pump it up with our thoughts..

I present these two pieces from Rumi because they strike a chord within me.


This first one shows us the PIVOT that turns the tide – we must notice and appreciate for the blessings in life.  He says it so beautifully, “Hear Blessings dropping their Blossoms around you.” First, it is the use of a novel sense, Hear the blossoms, that makes me pay attention from a non-linear place. Automatically, my focus is lifted from the page before me to the life around me. With the use of “Blossom,” I am looking to sense something sweet and light and life-giving – after the blossoms fall, the fruit ripens.

What a beautiful meditation focus!!!!!  Blessings dropping their blossoms.

2013_Ahmanson_Cup_Regatta_yacht_Zapata_II_b_photo_D_Ramey_Logan_Now I spent a lot of my life bemoaning things that were and still are beyond my control. This second Rumi poem brings me to one of my favorite places – a sailboat on the the water (though it has been too many years since I was last there) and the action of artfully filling the sail with wind to get where you are going. Every day is the perfect wind to practice one maneuver or another.

What a wonderful metaphor for life.

Most of life is like the wind – beyond our control.  When we sail, we meet the elements as they are – that’s the fun of it – and direct ourselves by adjusting OUR actions to what life/Nature presents. The wind is always perfect. It is the very rare day when there is no wind,or way too much wind but occasionally the maneuver we must take is to bring our boat back to harbor and find a different pastime..

What IF we sailed the vessels of our lives with an attitude of sport and zest – without attachment to HOW our winds would blow, only to enhancing our skill in sailing those winds?

I love the imagery…smell the water, feel the water moving beneath the boat, hear the birds, feel the spray…I’m there!

Hmmmmm  Food for thought.  Would love to hear yours.
hugs, gerry


6 thoughts on “Two Rumi Gems To Lift The Spirits

    • What a sweet thing to say, Linda. I confess I have not blogged as much as I once did because I can’t seem to grow the readership in the way i have on FB with WU support. Of course you don’t know unless someone leaves you a comment. I really appreciate it. ❤ ❤ Gerry

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