Relax Into A Brief Holy Encounter.

I know that a Universal Loving Presence flows through each of us each and every moment of the day.  I think almost all religions would agree that we are, after all, a tiny piece OF that Presence: God-in-us. Can you FEEL it?spring_tulip_flora_free_download.com_OHMai

And the thing is, although the Presence is everywhere and every-when, you can only EXPERIENCE it, FEEL it, in this NOW moment. Allow yourself to relax as you read.

We are as rays of sunshine are to the sun or as waves are to the ocean – unique, but of Its Essence and inseparable. Without the sun, the rays have no existence and likewise the waves without the ocean. Likewise with us. We are one way that the Universal Presence – Love – Peace- Abundant Good – expresses on this planet.

Everything in our lives shifts for the better when we recognize this is our TRUE identity.

If  you are anything like me, most of your life you thought life was difficult, tricky.  Sometimes you even thought you “couldn’t win” and went about looking for evidence of that. You probably thought you were an insignificant, vulnerable being who had to work overtime just to survive, a victim of forces outside yourself you couldn’t control.

The good news is that you actually can tap into the Loving power of the Infinite – because you are PART of It – BUT, you do have to consciously unite/commune/be-at-one with it, to welcome the Infinite (public domain image)working through you, working AS you.

While you think you are separate from the Presence and have to beg for favors, while you believe that you have to fight for advantage in life, you live from fear of “not-enoughness” in every way.

When you know you are one-with-the Infinite, you become confident that you are equal to anything placed before you and that you will know what to do when, for all your needs to be abundantly met and your purpose to be fulfilled.

How do you start to get this sense of at-oneness if it is unfamiliar? Well, there are many ways suggested in different cultures, but the way that worked best for me at the beginning of my spiritual journey was to sit for hours by the ocean and just experience its vastness, its energy, the way the particles of the ocean are everywhere, including in me, my very blood and tissues when I imagined the travels of the water. The ocean remains very powerful to me today.

Brief Meditation 

Move your attention inside and take several deep breaths. Now, in your imagination, take yourself to the ocean.  Smell the salt air.  Feel the breeze. Hear the gulls caw. Watch the spray…and the waves…now…and now….and now… smile softly at the goodness of it all.

Consider the vastness and the power there, the nourishment and life there…and see yourself sitting there a part of that vastness.

Now consider all the oceans on this small planet and all the infinite varieties of life within them and recognize this spot is just one tiny part of an infinite, ever-expanding universe… and The Presence is every-where every-when at once, including in and as you, right here and right now.  WOW! What resources you have to call upon!  Give thanks for this moment of communion with the Infinite, knowing you are One.

I would be interested in the ways you first encountered the Infinite.  However you do so, be sure to take time to nurture that understanding of yourself as a part of something much bigger, something powerful and life-giving and eternal- and that eternal and powerful and life-giving also as a part of YOU.

Namaste, I love you.





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