Season for Nonviolence Day 3 ~ APPRECIATION

Many people hold the mistaken belief that telling a “difficult person” what you appreciate about them or from them weakens your negotiating position about the difficulty. The opposite is true, it strengthens it. First rule when I learned about lobbying. Really.

It is actually one of the deepest longings of human nature to be appreciated.  Having that longing fulfilled in even a small way can’t help but open the mind and heart.

What if you appreciated something about each one you meet – and told them so – what would your day be like and theirs? Do you think they might do the same to others? A wonderful ripple in a pond of consciousness.

These posters come from my Facebook page, Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence, Tucson.  Each day I not only share my own work, but also other people and organizations’ posts on the subject of the day.  Please “like” the page so as not to miss any.

Today I particularly loved this video from Power of Positivity showing people’s reactions to be told they are beautiful.

We have come to the third day of this year’s Season for Nonviolence, wherein we highlight 64 peace practices in 64 days, which will create a culture of nonviolence for ourselves in our own lives and for the planet in the long term, when practiced.

Thank you for supporting the Season and trying on its practices for size..

Peace and Blessings to you and through you,


I APPRECIATE Jorapache’s beautiful work. I found the snail photo posted at Wildlife and Nature Pictures on FB without the copyright. I hunted down the original artist and have re-done the poster giving credit to Jorapache at His (or her) entire portfolio is stunning. Jorapache, I so appreciate your talent and your willingness to share it with others. Thank you.


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