Season for Nonviolence Day 13 – CREATIVITY

I made two posters for today and I love them both.  I couldn’t choose, so i am sharing them both. The Einstein quote has been important for years whenever I have trouble solving a problem and the one about learning so describes what this last year has been for me.  With my commitment to make one or more poster each day for my 3 Facebook pages, I have to say each one is a process of trial and error – but I think they are getting better. During the :”Season” my commitment is one for that page every day for 64 days.

Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence TucsonwhimsicalTree_KathleenFenton_EyeAppeal_2016SNV_13_CREATIVITY2

Imagine Yourself Happy  Happiness tools – depression recovery

Open Hearted Musings    Spiritual Musings

Well, the work makes ME happy anyway… and with the commitment for daily practice has come a lot of new insight and  – here’s the surprise – CONFIDENCE.

I did decide to make all the ones for this Season in a single style so that I have a SET at the end of the 64 days. Next years SET will look different, etc.

Peace and Blessings, Gerry

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