Season for Nonviolence Day 15 ~ REVERENCE

These  are three different takes on reverence (most recent first – just finished posting it on the FB page.

I had gotten to thinking about reverence and my own reverence for the beautiful. I realized then that for peace to take place in our world,  our reverence must extend beyond what is charming and comfortable in ourselves and others. After all, Nature teaches us that everything has its purpose in our ever-evolving world, even death and rot.  How could we be so different? So I added a second poster for this year.

There is that in each of us that is lighter and more generous and positive and that which is darker. Denying the darkness in ourselves leaves us insensitive and intolerant of the darkness in others.

When we make peace with ourselves, it is easier to make peace with others. Peacemaking is easier when we detach from judgment through the ego – good/bad – right/wrong – and live reverently and undisturbed from the Love at the center of us.


I made this one a few days ago.


This one was last year’s




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