Stepping Into The Power Of Purpose

My real-life friend Sarah left me a message yesterday asking about my work and, as the answer got long, I decided I had best put it in a post.  Perhaps the answer may interest other people too. I have tried to keep my posts shorter because so few people like long-form posts, but this is an exception. I discuss how my work here started and how it has progressed.  Sarah wrote:

Good Morning, I am looking at your blogs. I finally got it that “Open Hearted Musings” are YOU. That Season for Nonviolence is YOU. I am full of questions. Is someone paying you for your blogs or is it just for fun and inspiration? Might your beautiful pondering and sharing be put in a book? I am new to blogging so I hope you don’t mind if I come back to you at a later date with questions. Blessings and Thanks for all your wonderous and thoughtful Musings. Sarah Tomassetti

So, Thank you, Sarah my friend. I am honored by your interest in my work.

No, nobody is paying me for this work – it just seems the Presence Within has so much to share through me, I can’t NOT write or make pretty Facebook pictures to express it all. In recent months my artistic side is joyously happy making those pictures and I  will admit my long-form writing has slowed. Each one does require me to dig for insights and the process has been both healing and energizing. I feel like I have finally stepped into the power of my purpose. It’s a calling, just like – actually an extension of, my call to ministry.Horses_surf_SimplyBeautiful_IYH_gs

I started my first personal blog in December 2010 – this one – after years of blogging on other people’s blogs, mostly about political issues. I was motivated by the desire to address any issue from a spiritual perspective and to gain clarity about my own true spiritual beliefs.  My Seasons for Nonviolence work was out in the community as you may remember. I had always blogged as “revgerry” so I kept that up here.

As you may recall, the Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence (SPIRITUAL peace activism)- and eventually the Culture of Peace Alliance of Tucson – has been my primary ministry since 1995, no matter what spiritual center I affiliated with. So much fun. So many events.  We hosted Arun Gandhi.  We hosted James Twyman. We sponsored children’s art at the Peace Fair with Tucson Arts Brigade.  We hosted all-night peace vigils. Of course that’s how I became involved with the Tucson Multi-Faith Alliance, where I met you in 2001.  It was hard to let the community work go when I couldn’t drive any more. But the miracle of living in today’s world is that I could continue my work online and still share the deeper peace teachings, HERE.

Next, I had found a HUGE, diverse, worldwide community of inspirational LightWorkers and Healers on Facebook. I wanted to have a place to keep the posts that most inspired me on FB for my own personal spiritual growth and unfoldment and I opened a private page: Open Hearted Musings. My family and many of my (political) friends are not especially spiritual – some are downright turned off by it – so I didn’t let anyone know about it on my personal FB page (even Darwin at first). Eventually I began creating original content for the page and reluctantly (still hiding out as revgerry)  opened it to the public. I didn’t expect anyone else to be interested, but it now has over 1500 followers and I feel very sure of my calling to inspire others in this new way.

2-3 Years ago, when I was with House of Love and Light Tucson, I added a  FB page for the Seasons for Nonviolence  for the group – we were having wonderful community events, so it made sense. HLL doesn’t meet any more, but the pages live on. It now has 400 fans and it pushes me to explore the teaching more in depth so that I have something original to say, not just quoting the masters.

Then as my work progressed, I began to be interested in writing a book about my recovery from many years of deep depression and I started my FB page Imagine Yourself Happy.  That page is just surpassing 3,000 fans, so it must meet a need. I haven’t gotten very far on the book, but I am collecting a category called “Happiness Tools” here. IYH also has a blog here. I could not have written the book I WILL write without the accelerated growth experience of these past few years.

Almost exactly a year ago, my life changed dramatically when I was accepted for membership with The Wellness Universe, a new community and platform for

“people, organizations and missions who understand that the way to peace and a better universe is through oneness, authenticity and bringing what you have inside of you to your surface to then gift it to the world.”

I had been missing the community, friendships and shared mission of my spiritual centers and community groups – and I had been feeling very lonely – not as a person, but in my work.  I felt like “a voice in the wilderness.” Even though I clearly was part of a global movement, I felt like an outsider in a way (MY old issues popping up).

Now I have friends around the world from diverse backgrounds and with diverse skills who are joined in purpose – bringing the Love and  Light that flows as us and through us to the World. We enrich each other SO MUCH! People I have admired for years are now colleagues and I’m feeling so much more confident –  I have always blogged as revgerry so I was anonymous – this year, for the first time ever,  I began putting my own name on my work.  That’s huge.  I have come out of the closet as it were, and stepped into the Power of my Purpose.

After a year (2015) of publishing original inspirational content every single day, I wake up every morning with a song in my heart and I  fly through my mornings on wings of peace and joy… and now as a very few of my real-life friends, like you, Sarah, have found my work and can see the insides of me, it is no longer scary. Thank you for your love and your interest in this work.

With Much Love,


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