Season for Nonviolence Day 16 ~ GRATITUDE

On day 16 (of 64) our peace and happiness practice focus is on GRATITUDE.  

Now, gratitude has long been a touchstone for me in overcoming depression – and yes, I still need to actively work at that “overcoming” some mornings, for no discernible reason though; I have a great life. But for today I got to thinking about what it has to do with creating global peace – how to apply it in THIS situation.

God (by whatever name you are comfortable with) does not CAUSE suffering, does not PUNISH people with calamity. That would be against God’s Nature. God Loves, all the time. God Empowers. God Heals. God Strengthens, God Guides, God Creates – including through us. 

The Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence invite us to apply the metaphysical principles and practices that we use to co-create more good in our own lives to co-create more good planet-wide.blossoms_InspirationsinLife_SNV2016_Day16_GRATITUDE_gs

A simple way for me to see it is that “everything is energy” moving at different frequencies and that the frequency of Love and Peace and Order is the central organizing creative “something” people around the world have always sensed – a responsive, aware  “Presence” we can call God/the Universe/Cosmic Consciousness.  This God-frequency also exists at the core of every one of us and we tap into it to change the conditions of our lives for the better – or not so better – with our “love vibes” or our “fear vibes.”  Our vibes flow out past our physical selves and affect the world around us and create our world.

In our own lives, when we don’t feel well, we learn to look PAST what is “wrong” and give thanks for the Love and Strength and Wholeness of God in us restoring us to vibrant good health until that so fills our consciousness with healing “vibes” that whatever it takes on our own part or others’ to make it happen, health becomes our manifest reality once again.

Even at the end of life, as our body is shutting down and we prepare to leave it behind, our prayer remains the same. We give thanks for the Peace and Love and Strength of God in the midst of us and it is so. 

As SPIRITUAL peace activists, our job is not to deny the reality of the natural or human-made calamity for the people experiencing it – no one with an open heart could fail to see that people are suffering and want to render aid – but also not to focus our energy on the suffering. We first look PAST the suffering to give thanks for and to amplify the Peace and Love and Strength of God right there and open to guidance regarding anything more we are called to do to help. 

When war strikes, for instance, and people are grief-stricken, heartsick, injured, hungry, thirsty and terrified, what is our prayer?  

Our prayer is not to focus our energy on what we DON’T want – the war, hate, bigotry, revenge and suffering to try to oppose it – no -our prayer is to give thanks for the Peace and Love and Strength of God restoring the area to a vibrant new peace and order – evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

We set our attitude to gratitude – not for the war – or the famine or the earthquake or the recession or the plague – we give thanks for the Love and Peace and Strength of God that is everywhere perfectly present and on the job, including right there in the center of the situation and at the center of everyone involved. We add our own focused spiritual energy to help to turn the tide. Then we look for the heroes, the helpers, the ones with strong spirits despite the tragedy and for every sign of new green sprigs of peace popping up – and send our energy to support them.





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