Season For Nonviolence Day 19 ~ ACCEPTANCE

Let’s not make people “wrong” for who they are, what they believe and what they are fighting for – the negotiation is about the MEANS by which people fight. As peacemakers, as spiritual activists, we are working for a world that works for them AND for us.


Acceptance is the thing we all most want and need from other people. It is a precious gift we can give that costs us nothing.  Practicing acceptance of others, regardless of their circumstance or condition, as Mother Teresa did for instance, lets us exercise and strengthen the “muscle” of Namaste-Consciousness in ourselves. We know that at our core, we are ALL Holy Beings of Light. To bring more peace into the world, we hope to inspire other people to live from that consciousness as we try to do so ourselves. It is the work of many lifetimes.

In peacemaking, we must non-judgmentally accept and try to understand the views and culture of  the person we are negotiating peace with, seeking to understand his or her REAL needs to find a win-win solution or compromise.



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