Season for Nonviolence Day 20 ~ SELF FORGIVENESS

It’s a good thing self-forgiveness comes the day AFTER acceptance. Our egos are judgmental little tyrants, aren’t they?

We have all hurt others, sometimes even on purpose. How easy is it to take offense over someone else’s selfish acts and yet go to battle when someone else does something that harms us in some way – forgetting that we too have offended, if perhaps in a different way.

On the other hand though, because we are so committed to the path of peacemaking, it is even harder to forgive ourselves when we fall short of the high mark we set for ourselves than it is to forgive others.clear-wingedbutterfly_Beautiful & Amazing Photo Collection_SNV2016_DAY20_SELF.FORGIVENESS_gs

Our compassion must extend to ourselves as well as to others, for how else will we grow and continue on our path of purpose?  We must use the Love and Light at the center of us to forgive ourselves for the lack of Love we showed in some situation or the other.  Gandhi was clear – we are to hold the high standard but not expect to be perfect.

When we fail to forgive ourselves, which causes pain at may levels, it is harder to forgive others. Why? Because we somehow believe in suffering and it’s harder to let someone else off the hook if we continue to punish ourselves.  Once we have faced our ego down with compassion and humility and been willing to accept and forgive our own ego’s antics, we can be more loving towards both ourselves and others.

In our day-to-day relationships, this is a vital happiness tool.
Peace and Blessings, Gerry

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