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Hi everyone,

The February newsletter went out today. I can’t cut an paste it here, but I will give you at least the little essay, “That Thing About Love,” which will also be the topic of my Sunday talk this week. Every month I include a little “Peace and Happiness tool, and this is the one for February.

That Thing About Love

 Love is the very core of who we are. Just look into any baby’s face – the love in those eyes, in that smile, will totally melt you. The thing about love is that we get confused, thinking we can get it from other people. We can only get the reflection, maybe the amplification, of the love that comes from with ourselves.  This is why Self-Love is so important.  I thought loving yourself was arrogant. I was wrong.

 When I was deeply depressed, I thought I was hopelessly flawed in some mysterious ways that other people were not and thus unlovable. I was right, but not for the reasons I thought. It was because I believed I was so flawed and I couldn’t even love myself that I felt unloved and thus unlovable. I couldn’t even actually feel the love that other people were in fact offering me – it had no place to land in me, so it slipped through like a sieve and it couldn’t fill me up. Today, having overcome that programming, I can sit alone in a room with a smile on my face and totally feel the Love well up in a heart that is full to overflowing.

That thing about Love is that it’s something you give to others rather than something you receive – and first you have to find it in YOU.  Who knew?

I also talk about the new e-course I am developing on having more peace in the family in response to so many coaching requests that say, “More Sex, Less Fights Please.”It will be based on the peace principles you have seen me post here for the Season for Nonviolence. To sign up for the newsletter and get today’s full copy, click on the icon in the right sidebar or go here:

If you are interested in the coaching, I am not ready yet, but it would help me if you would let me know you are interested and specifically, WHAT MUST I NOT LEAVE OUT OF THE COURSE?

All Love,


PS I am behind on the SNV postings.  Still I will do one for each day.  If you want to catch up yourself, go to my Season for Nonviolence Facebook page, where i have already posted them.


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