3 Steps to Rebound Energy Attacks by Jenny Tasker.

Sometimes you don’t “get more by giving it away,” when it is your energy you are giving OPENradiatingsunflower_RiversintheOcean_OHMaway.  The idea of course is to be tapped into the Source of your energy so that it just flows through you, not from you and you are not left drained.

All well and good, but as an empath, I have had such trouble keeping myself from absorbing other people’s negative energy that my sweetie gets alarmed each time I take on a new challenging client or situation.  I have tried protecting myself  with white light (all chakras) or grounding myself through the root chakra when I have time before the encounter – these things do help, and deep breathing helps -my best protection is my quick breathing and smiling meditation before the encounter –  but sometimes the other person’s negative energy comes upon me so suddenly and is so intense that it takes all day to come back to myself.  This happens particularly often with one family member. I can’t think straight, can’t get anything creative done. THEIR stress chemicals are flooding MY body. Not good. But I am living my purpose when I can ground and transmute their energy through Love.

My intention of course is that the other person absorb some of my positive energy and ideas…usually they do…they are calmed…they become more rational…see more options…but meanwhile if I got caught by their intensity I have to have a way to re-energize myself.  And, obviously, I’m not doing myself OR the other person any favors if my energy escalates in tune with theirs (like a vibrating fork) as it sometimes does do as I connect with them.

Jenny Tasker, a colleague at The Wellness Universe, a global membership community of healers and energy workers, has written a brilliant short blog about “rebounding” that energy, knowing it doesn’t belong to me.

Jenny teaches us how to “feel and connect with the compassion and calmness of our own energy during the encounter, allowing it to flick out the fiery flames of anger.  You’ll be able to move past this without it leaving any residual anger energy behind.”

** Want to read the rest? Click the link below to read the entire article **

When you click over to the blog, you will find many other gems…even including some of mine.  I am a contributing author there and you can be too. On that contact form there is also a signup for the Wellness Universe newsletter.

Namaste, I LOVE the Light in you,





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