This article by me was published today at The Wellness Universe blog. It’s well worth a trip over there to find all the wonderful content provided by so many  healers and thought leaders. Thanks, Gerry

If someone you love is seriously depressed, take care of yourself first.

Befriending-Someone-Who-is-Deeply-Depressed-by-Gerry-StraatemeierWhat is it like to be deeply depressed?

No one understood what it was like from the inside, even the professionals.  And from the inside, I didn’t understand that most people didn’t feel like I did. I thought I was flawed instead of thinking I was ill. Doesn’t everyone think about suicide sometimes? More than sometimes? Doesn’t everyone feel total despair when things don’t go well in their lives?

In many important ways, I liken being deeply depressed to being in a coma. That is to say, when we are deeply depressed, even while we are TRYING REALLY HARD to fulfill our…

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