Season for Nonviolence Day 33 ~ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

Sometimes I am astounded by how little we acknowledge each other in our culture before we understand how much it means to folks.  I know I grew up with just criticism and demands.

roses_Amazing Animals & Beautiful Nature_SNV2016_Day33_ACKNOWLEDGMENT

Even if you are having a family squabble, you might be surprised how the volume gets turned down with simple acknowledgment of something the other person HAS done in the direction you are wanting.

Tired mom to pre-teen daughter:”Put down that phone! I’m tired of tired of telling you.  Either clean up this bathroom right now or you are GROUNDED.”

Daughter to mom “You treat me like a SLAVE around here. I HATE this house!”

Tired mom to 15 year-old daughter.  “You did a really nice job on your bathroom last week.  Please see if you can match it this week before you go out tonight, OK?”

Daughter to mom: “THANKS, mom, I really tried.  I’ll see what I can do”.

You don’t have to agree  with a person you are in conflict with about anything  in order to acknowledge their effort, their thoughtfulness, their ..fill in the blank.  You are just treating the person as a human being like yourself. People will tend to reciprocate and the beginnings of peace can be found.

Namaste, Gerry





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