Meditation, It’s Easy ~ By Sandy Evans Pullin

I love this short piece on making meditation easy by Sandy Evans Pullin, a fellow member of The Wellness Universe. It reminds me of what I learned to do during lamaze classes 45 years ago now.

Before you read her article, let me invite you to look at at all the welcoming, heart-opening WORDS in her graphic below.  I mean…“listen, trust, allow, embrace, reflect, greet, sense…” these words are all what I call “disarming” words…they all connote warmth and safety and the opposite of the “fight-flight-or freeze” response the mind puts up to prepare us to deal with imaginary tigers. They dis-arm  the defensive, stressed-out response and engage its opposite – the REST and DIGEST system.  And that is EXACTLY what you are after with meditation, isn’t it.

 That said… next comes Sandy.  Namaste, Gerry ~  I LOVE the LIGHT in you!


Here’s Sandy:

Meditation….it’s easy!

Maybe you already do a form of daily meditation…or maybe you are wondering just how to get started. Meditation often sounds like a foreign language to those who are not acquainted with the practice…or it did to me. I learned this simple relaxation meditation from my therapist, but then realized that I had been doing something similar for years without labeling it meditation.

The object of meditation is to clear the mind of all the constant clatter that we all have going on and allow our own private thoughts to come to the surface. I’ve had some beautiful visions while meditating.  I usually do self Reiki first and then go into meditation, but whatever works for you is fine. Meditation is a separate practice from Reiki so you don’t have to know Reiki to meditate. SMILES!

It took some practice for me to learn meditation, but before long you’ll be floating. Start out slow with just a few minutes a day and work your way up to your desired time. It’s very relaxing and easy…it just takes practice. Some sit for meditation, but I usually prop up on pillows in my bed or do it while I’m lying in the sun. Setting an alarm for 20 minutes helps me relax about getting lost in meditation and forgetting the time.

There are several different methods, but the one I use is for relaxation and very simple to learn. Simply concentrate on your breath…the in and out breath. Gently remove everything from you mind. The mind will resist and try to jump from one thought to the next, but keep gently bringing your thought back to your in and out breath.

You can visualize a staircase (whatever kind you like) and start down the stairway in your mind counting slowly as you descend into your own beautiful private world (imagine it as lovely and glorious as you can dream up). Count from one to twenty as you s l o w l y go down the stair way into your beautiful private space. Be gentle with yourself as your thoughts wonder and just bring your concentration back to your breath.

There are some enhancements that you can try with meditation if you choose to do so…like lighting candles, playing soft soothing music in the background, or burning incense. I use some of these from time to time, but mostly just go with the flow and do it without the add ons.

Everyone has a different method and we can all learn from each other

What meditation techniques do you use?

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Sandy Evans Pullin
Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master/Teacher
Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training
Reiki Balance N Bliss, Knoxville, Tennessee

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