Metaphoric Construction, Remodeling or Deconstruction ~ By Janette Stuart

Janette is a fellow member of  The Wellness Universe, just one of the many heart-centered bloggers who have found a home there.

In this piece she is likening an important local construction project to the work she has done to redesign herself and provides us with a list of items she had needed to consider in the redesign and a reminder to be patient with delays and cost over-runs and to give yourself time to rest and relax along the way. Note – we don’t see much change on the outside for some time.


Here are some snippets…

The firefighters’ and their equipment must be properly housed so that they may respond when an emergency arises.  As I walk past the construction frequently, the correlation between this physical project and my own inner work has touched my heart and soul with the beauty of this metaphor, this metaphoric construction.  My self-growth, my inner work, my transformation also known as my metaphoric construction…….

……There is much activity needed before things change from an outsider’s perspective.  In this case, deconstruction of valuable resources from within the residential structures was done.  Items of value which were able to be reused or recycled where removed prior to the demolition.  The foundation of the project is the most important for without a proper foundation the walls and roof will not be supported properly and will fail.  The infrastructure of underground utilities is a messy undertaking.  Inclement weather stalls the construction process or brings it to a halt altogether.   These metaphors of a proper foundation and infrastructure are crucial.  We don’t want shoddy materials, poor workmanship or other hazards in our project.

During my own spiritual “metaphoric construction, remodeling and demolition project”, similar events took place.

……Here are some items I wanted to consider for my own metaphoric construction project.

1.      What limiting beliefs did I hold which I wanted to let go of?

2.     …..

The full copyrighted article is here and I invite you to read it…


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