Season for Nonviolence Day 40 ~ UNITY

Here are my 2016 and 2015 contributions for the peace principle of UNITY.

What has fired up my imaginmixed_flowers_wiki_SNV2016_day40_UNITYation in recent years is the understanding that we are not only  all interconnected here on this planet, not so revolutionary though I wish more people understood it, but that we are connected universally – within the entire universe.  The universe is alive, vibrates continuously energetically and chemically and… we and everything around us are made of star-stuff.

As spiritual peace activists, our goal is peace and prosperity everywhere. The small differences between us – red hair or skin or brown – preferences for ice cream or bourbon or coconut water, English or Swaheli or Arabic -what does it matter?  We and the fauna and flora astarryskymontains_Our Beautiful World & Universe_SNV40_UNITYnd water and air etc. we share the planet with are brothers and sisters, inescapably bound together.  We must learn to understand one another or how can we ever hope to understand a – well let’s say a Martian? We must learn to understand an honor one another because we will ALL be happier.

Living on a tiny planet in an ever-expanding Universe, it doesn’t matter if one foot is in the US and the other is in Canada (to keep it a-political) – what use are these boundaries that seem to separate us? They are useful for bookkeeping perhaps, but bookkeeping isn’t a high value.

We are standing on the planet earth within a small solar system within…I’m not a scientist so I am borrowing a youtube video from the internet:


Humans seem to have a desire for dominance, based on a philosophy of not-enoughness, which separates us and makes us enemies, rather than for excellence, which unites us as we co-operate for yet-better solutions.  Let’s be mindful of our goals as we go through our days and weeks.  Peace and prosperity, unity, happiness…



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2 thoughts on “Season for Nonviolence Day 40 ~ UNITY

  1. When I’ve managed to be very, very quiet, I’ve literally felt the Earth vibrate as an E major chord, and heard how the Universe harmonizes congruently with everything and everyone on Earth. It’s always good to be reminded of this realization, and you manage to do that for me with these blog posts, Rev. Gerry. So… Thank You! 🙂 XO – M

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