Season for Nonviolence Day 42 ~ ACCOUNTABILITY

How do you know how close you are you are to rgiraffes_PureNature_SNV2106_day42_ACCOUNTABILITY_gseaching your goal if you never measure your progress? Accountability gives you the information you need to plan your campaign.

“PEACE” is too big, to vague a goal – and too absolute. How would you define it? Zero hatred? Zero fights in the family? Zero gossip at the office? Zero rapes? Zero murders? Zero bullying? Zero governments deploying armies?  Even in the positive…All humans experiencing prosperity? Everyone safe as they sleep? Kindness shown by everyone? Family always shows appreciation towards each other?  Each role equally valued at work?

Green-Green-Circles-Bubbles-Texture-Background_SNV42_ACCOUNTABILITYSo we see that we need to have measurable goals that we have some hope of reaching. A cease-fire and talks here, including at home and at work.  A climate-change accord there. A week without sibling yelling or fisticuffs. And we do need to be sure that our goals in fact reflect our highest values.A week without sibling fisticuffs because the kids are locked in the cellar won’t get us where we want to go.

Where in your life would you like to increase the peace?  Could you measure your progress and hold yourself accountable?  For me, this is a growing edge – that is, I am very unskilled at this measuring and accountability thing. I blame my right brain dominance.  Sigh.  But I do understand why it’s so important.

What say you?
Namaste, Gerry

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