Season for Nonviolence Day 43 ~ UNIQUENESS

I LOVE this peace principle – UNIQUENESS. For it is only when we can honor and appreciate the unique beauty in each being, only when we can listen for the unique truth each one sees – with open mind and heart – that we can truly enjoy peace. Inside peace. And peace with the world.

cuteSheepLooking_PrP._SNV2016_Daye~UNIQUENESS_RumiFor too many years I knew I was different, not the “black sheep” but certainly the odd sheep of the family, the workplace, the community, but felt like that made me less than others.  I tried so hard to fit in, but my square peg just didn’t fit into our society’s round holes.  I didn’t realize that everyone else was having the same struggle, trying to “pass” as “normal.”  But my unhappy experience of having a very different background than others around me does give me the ability to treasure all the other oddballs I hang out wdolphinsjump_ocean_Our Beautiful World & Universe_SNV43_UNIQUENEith who have fully individuated and become authentically ourselves.

Yeah us!!! ALL of us!!!  Even the ones I disagree with.

This photo is from celebrating UNIQUENESS last year.

Namaste, Gerry



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