My colleague Don Shapiro has written a wonderful piece for The Wellness Universe Blog that directs us to look behind our choices to our values to take note – what’s truly  important to you? Is that by design or old programming?

He gently nudges us to consider consciously what really IS important – and should be a priority – rather than just letting things take their course. He even guides you later in the article to consider what is important to your loved ones –  some choices might be driving a wedge between you or bringing you closer without you realizing it.

Here are some snippets from Don’s article:


…. Change your choices and change your life. Sounds easy enough … except its anything but easy. Because we don’t just make choices like a computer evaluating logical alternatives. Well, at least most of us don’t think like a computer.

If we really want to change our life for the better, it’s not just our choices that have to change. Those choices are not going to change simply because we will them to. You can’t order yourself to change your choices. Choices are the effect. So what’s the cause?

Your choices are about what’s important to you

Your choices, whether consciously or unconsciously, are driven by something much deeper inside of you. If you look at every choice you’ve ever made in your life, the great, the good, the bad, and the downright cringe worthy, you made those choices based on what was important and unimportant to you. What was more important versus what was less important. What you considered a high priority and what you considered a low priority. What you cared about and what you didn’t.

You choose based on your priorities and purpose even if you’ve never taken the time to actually think about what those are…

…….If we actually want to change our choices, we need to start reflecting on our priorities and purpose. Why do we actually do what we do? We need to figure out what’s really important to us and what’s not.

Then we need to begin to ask ourselves some tough questions. Are those the priorities we want for ourselves? is that the purpose behind why we do what we do? Are those things really important to us? And are these other things really not important to us?

If you want to change the path you’re on, first, you have to change your priorities and purpose…what’s important to you… read the entire article here and while you are at The Wellness universe blog, take a look at the other content.

  – Don Shapiro is an inspirational author and speaker who is currently writing the book “Life Is A Fork In The Road’ about how our inner wisdom can guide us to make better choices on our journey through life. He is writing the book on Facebook at through a conversation with the world about how everyone makes choices. Don is also the co-author of “The Character-Based Leader” and runs a research firm The Leadership Initiative.

Here’s to taking charge of your life by becoming conscious about the priorities in your life (by looking at your choices) and deciding if those priorities are based on your conscious intentions or unconscious programming.

Namaste, Gerry


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