George’s Free Herbs ~ By John Taylor

I so enjoyed this delightful little story from an Aussie about a neighbor’s kindness and how it enriched everyone’s life, including his own, I want top share it with you.  Maybe it will bring a smile to your face as it did mine!


by John Taylor      a snippet….
I’ve read about community and suburban gardens but for me this ‘picking-herbs-from-someone-else’s-front-yard’ is kind of strange. It feels a bit like stealing.
Last week, for example, Jude ran out of something with the meal underway and sent me up to George’s with a torch. At that time I had yet to meet him in person and felt like the proverbial ‘thief-in-the-night’. I half-expected someone to ask me what I was doing and even turned the torch off every time a car went past. Today George laughed at that and promised to not call the police as long as we visited him for a coffee sometime soon. Did I mention he is a very friendly man?
Hope you enjoyed it. Namaste, Gerry #WUVIP

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