Teaching Integrity: The Art of Apology — Inner Calm Reiki

Leslie L. Sommers:  Spreading the light for a better human experience.

Leslie is a colleague at The Wellness Universe and a Reiki Master/Teacher, Card Reader, Empath, Intuitive Coach, Ordained Minister & Spiritualist. Wow!

She has written a great post on integrity in relationships and treating people with respect (I’m a big fan of that) I want to share with you.

I originally made the above poster on Facebook to emphasis how important it was to raise our children with integrity. To it, I added the commentary that a person of integrity is one who is honest and has strong moral principles. It’s something we teach our children at a young age and by being […]

….And even if we just agree to disagree, I will apologize if what I said offended you. It doesn’t mean I don’t own my words, it just means they weren’t meant to make you feel less than. If I spoke in a way that made you feel disrespected, I will apologize if my words were harsh.

Read the full article here: Teaching Integrity: The Art of Apology — Inner Calm Reiki

Leslie and I would both like to invite you to check out the content and support available free at The Wellness Universe Blog (we both contribute) or in our new FB HUB  – AND…..if you share inspirations on line, we would urge you to consider joining our co-creative community and meet hundreds of other like-minded men and women from around the world who want to make the world a better place together. It has made a HUGE difference to me to have these amazing colleagues.

Namaste, Gerry

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