Season for Nonviolence ~ Day 48 ~ ECOLOGY


We have an entire 3 months to focus on the Earth and ecology (April-June each year); why would we include ecology as a peace practice?

I’m thinking it must be that our humility, our “namaste consciousness” must extend beyond the people of the earth to the entire community of life we belong to in order to see our place in the true order of things.We should not take ourselves, our importance, so seriously…

We are part of a vast community of life  – a neighbor to the birds and to the trees that shelter them, to the Polar Bears in the North and the Penguins in the South.  We are called to neighborliness, helpfulness, to all of life.

Earth_Western_Hemisphere_wikicommoons_SNV48_ECOLOGYHonestly, while we may but up “borders” on paper and call this river ours and that lake theirs, we don’t own any of it, except in our own minds. We are just “marking our territory” like wolves and owls and other animals and surely we can see beyond that with our “advanced” brain??  While we may dam rivers as the beavers do, or destroy the forests as the insects and funguses do, from the highest perspective, even our destructiveness is just as transitory as theirs.  Even if we affect the world in such a way as to not be able to live here any more, the world will go on without us, Mother Nature will laugh at our antics like we do when we watch puppies play.

So let us learn to be better neighbors. Let us understand that we are just one of many neighbors and learn to live as a part of our world community of soil and water and air and fauna and flora in a respectful, loving way – a Namaste kind of way.

Namaste, Gerry #WUVIP

PS: I have fallen behind in sharing the Season for Nonviolence posts, we are already into the Season for the Earth but I will keep my commitment to share them all.  There are 16 more to get to 64. ❤


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