Season for Nonviolence Day 50 ~ CHOICE

“The choice is not between violence and nonviolence but between nonviolence and nonexistence.” MLK

Remember, Dr. King was speaking in the 1960’s and we Americans had detonated twoMLK_martin-luther-king-jr_papers_SNV50_CHOICE.jpg atomic bombs just 20 years before that, in his living memory, to end the Second World War in a tragic horror scene beyond anyone’s imagination. 

Just because a few more years have passed does not mean that we have suddenly become more sane as a species and we still rightly worry that some terrorist or some out-of-control egomaniac will get their hands on those nukes and blow us all to smithereens. Science fiction movies of post-nuke Earth are popular because we all carry that fear in our subconscious

CHOICE – The world we live in is the way it is because of the choices we make every day, individually and collectively. Much of the world leadership makes decisions based on FEAR (and greed, a form of fear).

We the people of the earth are able to choose to BE more loving towards both ourselves and others and we can choose to use Love as a sort of inner GPS and insist that our leaders do likewise.

What if we started right now looking for nonviolent solutions to everything from parenting to terrorism?   What if we taught children how to resolve conflicts respectfully and peaceably and held ourselves to that standard as well in our parenting approach? What if in international affairs we would devise strategies that would meet the needs of the people called to terrorize others and to reduce the glamor of terrorism? That would probably start with feeding and housing and educating the people instead of bombing them…just saying.

Personally, that’s the world I am working toward – along with millions of friends across the globe – a world where fair, honorable, love-based choices are the norm.  If you have read this far, I know you are one of us and I want you to know, despite the headlines, we are making progress towards that world.  Thanks to you.

Namaste, Gerry #WUVIP




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