What About Those Last 14 Peace Practices?

Well, I got to # 50 0f 64 and ran out of steam here on WP.  Life (and a mini-depression-relapse) left me without much “oomph” and I apologize.  I did  have enough energy to make FB posters, so I share them here, hoping I will get back to them later. Many times I did add commentary, so if you click the poster it will take you to the FB page for the Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence Tucson.

Looking these over, I am actually quite pleased with them…not too bad for an old lady battling a bout of depression, lol.  That latter came about because I had lost a lot of weight and old trauma came up to be healed that had been carried in my belly, plus some vitamin deficiencies.  Fine now! YEAH!








Earth_youtube_Spiritual Wisdom JournalSNV2016_Day58_CITIZENSHIP



Perspective_owl_Aimer la Nature._SNV2016_Day61~PEACE



sunset_birds_World of creativity_SNV2016_Day63_RELEASE_gs

Groovalicious Graphics_sun_moon_dove_SNV2016_64_CELEBRATION





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