Really? 118 Unfinished Drafts? Yup…

Well, I get a good idea.

I start to write about it and then my inner critic goes to work on me, blasting me with … “It lacks transitions” or “What’s the point you’re trying to make here, Gerry?”  or “Who cares about that anyway?

I start to edit. I know, I shouldn’t edit until I am finished, but i can’t seem to help myself.

I lose emotional connection to the content and know it to be from my head not my heart…so I save it, meaning to come back to it.

I go back to making posters for Facebook.

I don’t know when or why I started to doubt myself as a writer but I hope to be done with it soon.  I used to write to know what I thought…then I started writing hoping my experience would help others and I think that’s how I got stuck.  So…this post is just a bit of me being me and I launch it without attachment.



2 thoughts on “Really? 118 Unfinished Drafts? Yup…

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