Letting Go Of Suffering Course by karuna

My friend Karuna is a psychotherapist and also a devoted follower of Amma. She, for instance, spends 6 beautiful weeks each year at her ashram.

Karuna has designed an awesome 17 week course on letting go of suffering with clear and helpful workbook exercises…and she is sharing it without cost because she is totally awesome. She is currently already at week 15, but I thought you might want to start at the beginning and work forward.

I hope that if you like her work as much as I do, you will share it with others who may benefit. If you have comments or questions, please go back and let her know. Hugz, Gerry

Letting Go of Suffering: Week 1- The Beginning

You are probably reading this post because you have a desire to let go of your suffering. This course will consist of 17 lessons, each containing concepts or tools that can aid you in your endeavor. The content is based on a workbook I wrote in 1991. I will be posting a new lesson each Monday.

Suffering, as used in this course, is defined as “extended hurt.” It is “the persistence of painful feelings long after they were provoked.” (Judy Tatelbaum)  Letting go of suffering does not mean living a life void of challenges or pain; it means not getting stuck in the pain

People often think of suffering as being prolonged sadness. It can also be prolonged anger or fear. There is likely to be some degree of suffering present whenever we are holding on to the past or worrying about the future.

Suffering is also brought on by the unhealthy behaviors we do in the present, those behaviors that make us miserable.

Be gentle with yourself as you go through the course.  Let this be an opportunity for you to experience being successful without expecting yourself to be perfect.

During the first two weeks, you will be gathering information about yourself. You will also learn more about suffering and about letting go. As you complete the exercises, either print the post and write your answers directly on the exercise sheets, or just write your answers in a notebook.

Exercise 1

When you are suffering, it is often important to get help from others as you work to shift the energy. In the boxes below, or in your journal or notebook, write the names and phone numbers of people in your life who might be available when you need support.


Continue with exercise 2 here….  https://livinglearningandlettinggo.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/letting-go-of-suffering-week-1-the-beginning/

3 thoughts on “Letting Go Of Suffering Course by karuna

  1. Thanks so much for telling your readers about the Letting Go of Suffering series. My hope was that if I posted it on my blog, people would take advantage long after I had published all of the components. You are certainly helping to make dream become reality..


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