Mindfulness Teachings of Gandhi~

I hope you enjoy this piece on Gandhi’s mindful leadership as much as I did.

Mindful Influence ~ Creating conscious moments

Recently I watched the film Gandhi and throughout the film, many of his values and his way of life relate to mindfulness. I knew that Mahatma Gandhi helped India gain their independence and that he influenced societies to be non-violent through Satyagraha which translates into “power of truth”. It was interesting to watch his biography of his life and to see his bravery evolve from the late 1800s. If I had to describe Gandhi in one word, it would be noble. He is open-minded, patient, self-aware, and educated. He is brave in seeking his truth and freedom for himself and for the world.

Gandhi was a wholesome and simple individual who made huge impacts on humanity. The following are leadership principles that I focused on throughout the film.

[Photo Credit][Photo Credit] Lifelong Student – Gandhi learned through reading and life experiences. He did not live in fear of others opinions and always…

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