Blogger AWARDS

Blogger to Blogger Awards Spread The Love Around.

Blogger Awards

Blogger Awards

I am posting these awards here because I need room in  my sidebar for some current projects I’m promoting.

I am grateful to some awesome bloggers who have been willing to give me a boost when my self esteem was flagging and I most needed ways to connect.  Just the word “award” is uplifting, don’t you think?  “Someone likes my work.”  Yippie (really)! These awards get you out reading and talking to other bloggers, sharing some about yourself, learning some about them.  There are questions to answer and fellow bloggers to appreciate in your thank you post.  It’s all good even if some people say it cheapens your “brand.”  Hey, I didn’t have a brand yet to “cheapen ” and neither do most other people just starting out.

My apologies karuna, who nominated me for my last 2 awards, I have been super busy and haven’t done the work and passed on the favor – but I will…  and I won’t list them until I’ve fulfilled the requirements – seems only fair.

liebster-award1First, the Liebster Award from dear Tela, of who was also responsible for several others. She educates about sociopaths, since many people have had the misfortune of inviting one into their lives.  I have linked to a great post she wrote about how people get over being in relationship with sociopaths.

This award is for new bloggers with under 200 fans, to get to know people.When I blogged a few years back, no one did such lovely things for me and I went away.  Now, I am more dedicated to my blog this time for lots of reasons, but the fact that someone NOTICED me and SUPPORTED me was huge.

Inner Peace AwardI’m not sure which came next, but I’ll tell you which of those meant the most.  It was called the Inner Peace award and it reflects my reason for blogging.  Not just my own inner peace, but having won that after quite the fight (I know but the fight was against myself and my stinking thinking), I want to shout from the rooftops that

IT IS POSSIBLE!!  Inner Peace is cultivated and you have what it takes.


Sunshine AwardThe Sunshine award is evidently a spinoff from the Liebster award, similarly for newer bloggers who hadn’t really joined the community that is WP.  Sure you can blog without a community, but WHY?  How would anyone know you exist – believe me Google isn’t going to happen upon my brilliant fifth post with a search term.

influentialThe Most Influential Blogger Award

As best I can figure out, this is like the others, but it tells me someone really appreciated something I had shared with them.  either that or they had gotten an award and needed a link to fill in the requisite number of other blogs they appreciated.  But who doesn’t smile when someone names them “the most influential” blogger? Nothing wrong with a few smiles – little enough appreciation from comments and shares when you’re starting out.

versatileblogger11Versatility has been a fault in this blog, I have spent some time recently trying to pull that in and get a focus or two or three …Mental Health and Spirituality are very linked for me, bit they were separate paths to the same destination.  Peace is probably the other thing I care the most about – for 18 years I have celebrated the Seasons for peace and Nonviolence as my local ministry, so I am sharing my posts about nonviolence practices.



Finally there has been the ABC award for awesome blog content.  Who doesn’t want to hear that?




One thought on “Blogger AWARDS

  1. This just made me smile ear-to-ear! I want you to win ALL the awards, Gerry!! Not that you could display them on your fireplace mantel or anything, but… well, it’s the thought that counts! I want to get MY blog “out there” and noticed, too, because like the Monkees’ theme song, I’m ♫ “the young generation, and I’ve got somethin’ to say!”♫ Haha!! ♥ XOXO – M


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