Season for Nonviolence Day 50 ~ CHOICE
Gandhi/King/Chavez Seasons for Nonviolence

Season for Nonviolence Day 50 ~ CHOICE

“The choice is not between violence and nonviolence but between nonviolence and nonexistence.” MLK Remember, Dr. King was speaking in the 1960’s and we Americans had detonated two atomic bombs just 20 years before that, in his living memory, to end the Second World War in a tragic horror scene beyond anyone’s imagination.  Just because a few … Continue reading

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MENTAL SPRING CLEANING IN 10 TIPS ~ By Jeannette Bessinger

Jeannette Bessinger, the Clean Food Coach, has written a very powerful piece for The Wellness Universe, about important things YOU can do TODAY to cleanse your emotional and spiritual body – and thus your physical body – from accumulated toxic waste.  I mean, wouldn’t it feel great to feel lighter, freer, happier? Spring is a natural … Continue reading

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Teaching Integrity: The Art of Apology — Inner Calm Reiki

Leslie L. Sommers:  Spreading the light for a better human experience. Leslie is a colleague at The Wellness Universe and a Reiki Master/Teacher, Card Reader, Empath, Intuitive Coach, Ordained Minister & Spiritualist. Wow! She has written a great post on integrity in relationships and treating people with respect (I’m a big fan of that) I … Continue reading