Mindfulness Teachings of Gandhi~

Originally posted on Mindful Influence ~ Creating conscious moments:
Recently I watched the film Gandhi and throughout the film, many of his values and his way of life relate to mindfulness. I knew that Mahatma Gandhi helped India gain their independence and that he influenced societies to be non-violent through Satyagraha which translates into “power of truth”. It…

Standing Rock Valor and King’s 2nd Principle of Nonviolence

The idea with nonviolence social action is is to change peoples’ minds about validity of an unjust law by taking a principled stand for justice, fueled by love, putting your bodies in harm’s way if necessary, to bring forth justice. The underlying principle is Love – and the people taking actions of “civil” disobedience are to act from a place of love…connected to the Divine Source by whatever name or none… whatever their opponent does. This takes a good deal of self-discipline, training and community-building.