*My Smiling Meditation – All Is Well

I find Peace and Joy and Love in my favorite spiritual practice, which can be summed up as “breathing and smiling.”  I love the quiet early mornings, when I can move into the stillness and find the Divine Light right here and now, flowing through me.

You see, I am something of a mystic, and I experience the the Mystical Something, the Loving, Creative, Peaceful Energy that sustains me, present within my own heart – and then moving out through me into the world.  That experience is joyous.  And it makes me smile, lifting my face to the heavens, opening my arms to accept the blessing.  In part though, I also  smile because of a teaching from a Buddhist monk who declares,


Thich-Nhat-Hanh-arrives-by-Kelvin-Cheuk+copy“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”  Thích Nhất Hạnh

   It’s true.  It works.  It is a central part of my daily practice.  He teaches us to breathe and smile and i adapt it to my daily work. Mine goes something like this; of course it’s  different every day.

Breathing in, I see the beauty (any beauty).

Breathing out, I smile.

Perhaps I take an extra few breaths here, either repeating the mantra or just appreciating the beauty.

Breathing in, I feel my heart beat.(anything physical in your body)

Breathing out I smile.

Breathing in, my heart is filled with Love (Peace, Beauty, Harmony, Health, Plenty).

Breathing out, I smile.

Breathing in, I am fully conscious of this Present Moment and all is well.

Breathing out, I am grateful, as I smile.

Perhaps I take an extra few breaths here, either repeating the mantra or just appreciating my life.

Breathing in, I bless my children (or anyone or everyone)

Breathing out, I smile

Breathing in, I give thanks, I am so blessed.

Breathing out, I smile.

And so it goes until I feel complete.

HappyBaby_PublicDomainThis is my very favorite meditation.  It is so simple.  No matter how distressed I am, it’s always there and so easy to do.

And I find that after having done this for some time, I only have to remember the smile to move towards that peaceful meditative, centered space.

There are many forms of meditation and each have their benefit.  But I am a person prone to moods and if I am irritable or sorrowful or anxious, I can say,

“Breathing in, I acknowledge my sorrow (or anxiety etc).  Breathing out, I let it go and I smile.”

Because sorrow or anxiety or irritation are fleeting states.  They do NOT define me.  They do NOT control me.  The “I” of me is witness to the sorrow, and also to the smile, for in THIS present moment, unless I am about to be eaten by a tiger, all is indeed well.

Breathing in on this Sunday morning, I send blessings of sunshine and smiles to each of  you.  And breathing out, I smile.  hugs, gerry



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