The 2015 “Season for Nonviolence” Started Friday

ESNVTurnTidevery year for the past 18 years, I have joined people around the country, around the globe in celebrating the Season for Peace and Nonviolence from January 30-April 4, the respective death anniversaries of Gandhi and King.  This is a project of the Association for Global New Thought.

“Planetary healing through self-realization and spiritually-motivated activism is the new promise of these teachings.”

The idea is that through local community education, conversations and activities around the country and even around the world and practicing the principles we espouse, we can turn the tide of consciousness towards peace.  Let it be so.

The Season has been an important part of my ministry ever since it started – just a few years after I was ordained – and I have many fine memories of wonderful events over the years.  Didge concerts, meditations, workshops, picnics in the park, multi-faith religious services, all-night peace vigils, kids’art at Peace fair – and hosting James Twyman and then hosting Arun Gandhi.  Arun came the weekend the Iraq war started  and thank goodness we had each other that day – Arun came down after lunch, having had the TV on in his room, to share the sad news that we had no idea of. But the time comes when life shifts and at 73, my eyesight too poor to drive, my energy shits from the local community to the cyber community.  Grateful am I for the cyber-community.  (YOU)

lion_BigCats_Courage_SNVEvery day for 64 days everyone who is celebrating the Season considers one peace principle or peace practice. I will try to share one every day.  The first peace principle/practice is COURAGE.

May Peace Prevail,



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