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Standing Rock Valor and King’s 2nd Principle of Nonviolence
Gandhi/King/Chavez Seasons for Nonviolence / Spiritual Activism

Standing Rock Valor and King’s 2nd Principle of Nonviolence

The idea with nonviolence social action is is to change peoples’ minds about validity of an unjust law by taking a principled stand for justice, fueled by love, putting your bodies in harm’s way if necessary, to bring forth justice. The underlying principle is Love – and the people taking actions of “civil” disobedience are to act from a place of love…connected to the Divine Source by whatever name or none… whatever their opponent does. This takes a good deal of self-discipline, training and community-building. Continue reading

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Living and Learning in Amritapuri, India: December 1-4, 2016 — Living, Learning and Letting Go – re-blog Thank you karuna for sharing the peace of this special place on earth with the rest of us.

Surrounded in Beauty Amma’s ashram is located on a peninsula between the the Arabian Sea and the backwaters. The view from my room is of the backwaters. The photo above is of the Arabian Sea, which is a five minute walk from my flat. A Fascinating View of Construction When I returned to my room […] … Continue reading