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A Re-blog:   Courage in the Face of Evil. Hope for a Brighter Future
Gandhi/King/Chavez Seasons for Nonviolence

A Re-blog: Courage in the Face of Evil. Hope for a Brighter Future

My friend Jon S. Randal has written a beautiful piece to inspire us all, about a sapling from Anne Frank’s chestnut tree (pictured below) to be planted this coming September at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in honor of the 56th anniversary of the “Little Rock Nine,” courageously standing up for their right to attend … Continue reading

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A Re-Blog – Getting To The Heart Of The Storm – by Jenny Tasker

Jenny’s inspiring story is about abuse and disease and suffering and a near death experience – and about forgiveness and self-love and Spirit and deep gratitude for the gifts of life…  thank you Jenny Here are her powerful words.   Please go to the original to give her some love in your comments.  Reblogged from The Wellness … Continue reading

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A Re-blog: Lessons From Abuse by Shari Alyse

Shari Alyse is a strong, upbeat, motivated person whose past history has made her stronger and more determined to be her own woman.  “It showed me that I can face and handle anything.”  I have re-blogged it here because know many of you will benefit from reading her compelling story. What I Learned  From Abuse  by Shari Alyse … Continue reading