Big Happy

BIG happy! Lots of work – then success! Just call me a Lifelong learner!  

Big Happy

Big Happy

Have learned how to do so many things recently, I blow my own self away.  Now I’m just a great-grandma-blogger, sitting in my recliner out here in the beautiful AZ high desert – and I want you to know that every step of the way I had to figure out HOW to accomplish each of these things below, and therein lies my BIG HAPPY – I  learned how to accomplish several somethings new – it took many hours, but all of it is visually appealing and all the links work!  You youngsters could probably do it in your sleep and you’re way ahead of me. But for me, BIG HAPPY!

Here’s the story.

I was given an opportunity as a  Wellness Universe​ (WU) member to offer Corey Poirier’s new book “THRIVING” FREE to my newsletter subscribers. Corey is a popular and successful Canadian best-selling author, speaker, radio host, entrepreneur and his new book is based on interviews with nearly 3000 people who have been successful in many areas of life – Olympic medalists, authors, business people, other authors, etc.  And I not only got a free copy for myself as a WU member, for my own personal growth, but I was also given the chance to offer the e-book to my subscribers during this month of June only. Find Corey here.  The book goes on sale July 8th.  

If you want to sign up for the Open Hearted Musings bi-monthly newsletter and get your own FREE copy of THRIVING, click here.

When Mailchimp notifies me of your subscription, I’ll send you the link and the password.

Wow!  What a gift!  Old lady gets excited. Trouble is, my newsletter (like my self-hosted web page) has been basically a fantasy – set up but never actually used. But I am prodded by my new colleagues at WU to put a newsletter out because, although I now have almost 2000 readers on my combined FB content pages, thanks to their support, 2000 people don’t see my daily content because of how FB works. Now some WU members have hundreds of thousands of readers, so I’ve been basically ” in school” these past few months.  (I LOVE school, always have.)

SO, using my new skills at basic Illustrator and Photoshop, I created a graphic about the offer for all the places I publish (see link above), sent that out.  BTW, have I mentioned often enough how satisfying the artistic part of my day is?  I can’t draw a straight line, but I love BEAUTY and COLOR. YOU don’t understand.  I was in my late 50’s before these tools were even available!!!   Much less me learning to use them…

THEN, I figured out I was going to have to use my self-hosted webpage (instead of this one) to put a password protected link in for Corey’s e-book… and then I figured out HOW to do so! Google is my friend, and so is the video coaching I received at WU.  Finally after some experimenting, I figured it out. Success!

Nothing like SUCCESS and ACCOMPLISHMENT to get the happy juices flowing!  I’ll have a new Tool to add to the Happiness Toolbox.

THEN, I went to Mailchimp to see about new signups, and there were some! Hallelujah!   I have no auto-responder, so this-morning I composed and sent out a special newsletter with the link to the password protected page – and the password.  Now Mailchimp is its own learning curve for me, and it takes me a lot of time…starts and stops…but finally  SUCCESS AGAIN!  This morning my new and old subscribers actually got their link to Corey’s book in their inbox.

So I’m way behind in other things but a very happy lady!

If you want to sign up for my newsletter and get your own copy of THRIVING, click here.

To apply to join The Wellness Universe, click here.

Namaste, everyone, I love you and you have a great day!


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