On Becoming a FB Orphan

So… this post is a heads-up for FB users and a request for assistance if anyone has a solution to my dilemma.

A few months back,  the email address I had used to create my FB account years ago ceased to exist.  Indeed, the entire server ceased to exist.  No problem, I changed my  email with FB, along with many other sites, was receiving notifications from FB at the new address, and I thought all was well.

I should mention that not only is FB my primary contact with friends and family, I have also spent multiple hours every day, for the past 4 or 5 years building a following on several FaceBook pages,  Retired as I am, this gave me a reason to get put of bed in the morning, feeling I could still contribute something, and I have truly enjoyed that work.

Then, one day, I was asked to log in to my FB account cold; I had forgotten the password because it had been years since I needed to know it, so I put in my (new) email address, which they clearly had on file, for them to send me a new password.  THAT ADDRESS DID NOT MATCH ANY ACCOUNT, so they say.

I was asked to get a code from 3 trusted users to verify my identity, which I did…sent them in, they said my identity was verified, let me give a new password and they sent to confirmation to continue to log in TO THE ORIGINAL ADDRESS WHICH NO LONGER EXISTS. I have been told that FB does that as a security measure. I am locked out.  FB help is no help, they didn’t even answer me.

Now, I am an orphan.  I no longer know what my friends and family are up to; I cannot even reach my 15,000+ followers at Imagine Yourself Happy or my 7500+ followers at my peace page, Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence Tucson, to let them know why I have disappeared – and I have lost all that work and time.

I feel completely isolated since my social contacts have grown more and more to include only those I knew on FB.   I am 76 years old and I live about 20 miles outside of town with my husband and our dog.  My hearing loss makes phone conversations difficult for everyone.  I have a bad back and poor vision and I don’t drive into traffic.  Luckily my DH helps me get where I need to go…but he has a busy life…and actually, the worst part is losing the feeling of PURPOSE I used to have when I got up in the morning.

Now, i do understand that my life purpose is not to share my thoughts on FB, but as an elder, I had found a meaningful outlet for my creativity, a reason to dig deep for meaning and insights as i shared my process and my story hoping to help and  inspire others…and to know that many eyes had seen and appreciated my work.

So, I am asking for technical help if anyone knows what to do or how to contact a human being at FB, and good juju as I go about working through these issues.

With Love,

Gerry, #WUVIP





7 thoughts on “On Becoming a FB Orphan

  1. Gerry, my heart goes out to you — I can only imagine the distress at losing such a robust network!

    Facebook is such a giant machine that personal contact for solving problems can be extremely frustrating. Everyone says you can’t talk to a live person at FB, but I did, some months back, when a friend lost access, and the rep helped us solve the issue. It was a similar situation. I will have to look for the number I called to see if I can find it, and will, later this morning after a repair man leaves.

    In the meantime, be aware there is a ‘fake’ FB customer service number out there that actually leads you to a phishing site. Here’s a post about it: https://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2017/01/31/511824829/-facebook-customer-service-is-a-scam-literally

    You are not alone in this dilemma, Lovely One. Please do let me know if you solve before I go digging!

    Sending love and light,

    ~kd sparks https://kdsparks101.wordpress.com/

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    • Oh, you are an ANGEL! Thank you for reading my post and for answering with such an awesome gift! Yes, please, I would very much appreciate your help with a trustworthy phone number.

      Appreciate too the Love and Light and am sending the same to you in return.

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    • I thank you for all your trouble. My only lead so far is from a Tucson friend who suggests I check with our public library. I will check with them. I have other things going on in my life too. 🙂

      Hey, I am 76 years old and most of my life no one had even dreamed of an internet, much less a FB. If i am being re-directed, am open.

      Much Love, Gerry

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  2. Hi Gerry, How frustrating! I agree with KD Sparks…….sounds a little phishy to me. But you might try asking for the thoughts about this from Lisa Bunker, Social Media Librarian at Pima County Community Library. She usually answers if you SEND A MESSAGE on the PCCL FB page. You could send her the link to this blog entry. Here is the link to PCCL FB page. https://www.facebook.com/pimacountylibrary/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdxZCgkHUQOXCSRVMINyfG59tRKUEmpVDHdxzjjLKZz2xQ%3AAdytVKVEGK3kRlvwDVuYXPhTjMa6bzXmz-AXj8YhqptdEQ

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  3. Hello, Gerry, how are you? I love love love your comeback to the universe over the course of events: “if I am being redirected, I am open to it.” ❤ The art of letting go is vastly underrated.

    That being said, however, one should not let go of what we love that feeds our souls without first exploring if it might serve you differently (or if you might serve IT differently).

    So I had a thought…I looked at your Imagine Yourself Happy FB page (what a lovely sentiment) from the front end, like any other user would, and see that a user can make a comment or post directly on your page. If you did not set up admin approval for this feature before a post shows on the page, you could add several posts there, and repeat over time, inviting your followers to your blog or to a new FB page, or both. Same for the Seasons of Peace page.

    Wish I could offer a more eloquent possible solution, but if this opens up a new avenue for some of those following you, perhaps it IS a viable new direction. Fingers crossed.

    Sending love and light,


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