I Let Beauty Open My Heart

Flowergrowing_TrueColorsbyA-HoOHMI take time every day during my morning practice to appreciate beauty in the natural world. It centers and grounds me, opens my heart and raises my vibrational level to appreciation and awe. At the splendor of our world. At the talents of the wonderful people who share their work here.  Photo credit for today’s image: True colors by A-Ho  Enjoy.

Life has had its ups and downs recently.   Even so, my morning “appreciating beauty” practice, which falls into the category of meditation with open eyes, really does help me stay grateful and open-hearted.  This in turn not only feeds my soul, it also of course increases the energy in my body.    Just sharing, hope you are well. hugs, gerry

3 thoughts on “I Let Beauty Open My Heart

  1. A friend of mine, a U.S. solder in Italy right after WWII, in the Old Roman town of Civitivecchia, saw an old man, nearly a beggar, who gave all his money away to a few nuns who were trying to rebuild a lovely old church that had been bombed out during the war. When asked why he would give all his (admittedly few) funds to these nuns rather than buy food, the man told Cy and the other soldiers, “I want to be part of something beautiful.” This story made a huge impression on Cy, a young man at the time, and he never forgot it. In fact, during his 95 years on this earth, he told and retold this as the most meaningful moment of his entire life:” I want to be a part of something beautiful.” It was Cy, this story and the importance of it to him that most impressed me with how much “appreciating beauty” matters, and can change a life. It changed Cy’s life (and mine) forever and for good.

    Thank you for your blog post about appreciating beauty. And thank you for letting me tell Cy’s story here. (I miss him terribly.)


  2. THANK you, Cy was a wonderful man…and he died this past summer, five years after his beloved wife died. Lynn and he were my surrogate parents for many years. They leave terrible blank spots in my life. But it was good that they were there, for as long as they could be. I learned a lot about life and love from them. They were lovely people, and I and in fact many, many people will miss them both.


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