Create Your Destiny ~ By Heather Corinne Lang

Excellent and empowering article!  Let Heather help you to appreciate the amazing YOU that you are and live the life you long for!  Hugz, Gerry

You are free to create the destiny you wish to live.  

HeatherphotoforreBlogMarchYou have free will, and as such, are not the victim of your circumstances. You have the key to unlock the potential within you, by removing limiting thoughts, and not defining yourself by your mistakes, fears, vulnerabilities, weaknesses and/or scars.

and…  ” The Universe recognizes only energy.  Your thoughts & feelings are energy. Your words are energy.  Your actions are energy.  If you think or believe you are somehow flawed, you will attract situations and experiences which continue to fuel that belief.  However, if you think or believe you are wonderful, you will attract that type of energy.”

Read the entire article: Create your destiny.

Heather is a fellow member of and blogger for The Wellness Universe, the global online membership directory of empowering healers and thought leaders who direct their energy towards YOUR wellness and the Wellness of the planet…in every way.  We are accepting new members.


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