Create Your Destiny ~ By Heather Corinne Lang

Heather Corinne Lang, another of my colleagues at The Wellness Universe, has written an empowering article inviting YOU to “…recognize and be aware of the incredible being you are and the amazing things you can manifest.”


Here’s Heather:  You are free to create the destiny you wish to live.  Slide1
You have the power within you to release what may be burdening you. Nothing in our lives are to punish us from a mistake in this lifetime or another. Explore the illusions of lack and fear, and let them go. …

If you think or believe you are somehow flawed, you will attract situations and experiences which continue to fuel that belief.  However, if you think or believe you are wonderful, you will attract that type of energy.  If you believe you are loving and beautiful, this is the energy you are attracting. This is not ego-driven beauty or Love.  This is self-love, self-worth, self-confidence and self-respect. Our energy creates our life. Our repetitive patterns are signals to us to either continue doing what we are doing, or to change it if we do not like the kind of life we have been living.

Read the full article here:

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Namaste, Gerry

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