A to Z blogging Challenge – FLOW and GLOW -Spirituality – 6 and 7

This post is brought to you by the letters F and G and the numbers 6 and 7

Stay AGLOW with the Flow!

So, I fell behind here.  Good thing my commitment is to only me – and I DID re-blog something else day before yesterday.  i ALMOST got this post ready to publish too yesterday, and that counts.  I used to feel bad about re-blogging other people’s work – but now I am hoping they take it as a compliment.  I would.   My work this week through Te Wellness Universe is putting me on Twitter – new for me, and it’s time-consuming to learn and do, but it is also building new relationships and enriching my creative spark.

FLOW – In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and especially considering the stresses of working out your relationships with other people, you can tend to forget who and what you – and they – really are.  And then there are the times when you can get lost in our art, whatever it is, and it feels almost as though you are “downloading” something.  It’s a space of seeming timelessness.  Hours go by unnoticed. You forget to eat or sleep.  Sometimes when I write my fingers do the work almost without my conscious cooperation – and I get to look back later to sPoi_circles_wiki_flow artist Nick Woolsey_OHM_AGLOWee what it as I thought.  To me, that’s totally being “in the FLOW.”  Some people call it being “in the zone.”

That’s because the Cosmic Consciousness that supplies and enlivens the universe, also FLOWs in, as and through you and I.  When you are in the Flow,  you are at your most creative – because you are connected to your Source energy.  You become open to the vast, quantum field of Infinite Possibility – where ANYTHING can happen.  It feels like the Universe is broadcasting and you are just picking up the signal.  It’s  joyful and addictive.  You feel almost larger than your ordinary self. Which brings us to GLOW.

GLOW is  very related to FLOW-the more you feel the Energy flow though you, the more you GLOW.   Actually, I feel it as a Divine Glow, because the spark of Divinity within me is glowing so brightly!  It’s almost as though you can SEE an energy field around you.  You can certainly feel it.  There’s a happy, satisfied inner excitement that’s hard to find except (I seem to recall) when falling in love or being pregnant.  So maybe when we are in the Flow, we are in love with, pregnant with, a-GLOW with, the FLOW of Spirit through us?  All I know is that as I am working, I notice there is a smile plastered on my face – the same smile as in my smiling meditation.

Does this happen to you?

Namaste, I love you, hugs, gerry

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